Don’t be shy! Get interactive…

It’s far too quiet around here, there are plenty of people around, reading the website, etc. but nobody is posting on the forum! We get feedback through the site about The Big Knights so I’m calling all those who take the time to fill out a contact form to come and post something on the […]

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The Big Knights DVD Update & Link

I’m really pleased to report we’ve had an update from deep within Astley, Baker, Davies about The Big Knights (which we’re really grateful to them for) and I am able to report the following: The re-mastering The DVD release will contain all 13 original episodes of The Big Knights* The re-mastered episodes will be leaving […]

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Site maintenance (styling)

We are currently fettling some of the styling of the site so apologies if things are a little out of place for a while.

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Re-mastering update

It seems the re-mastering is almost complete and ABD plan to have some clips up on their website shortly. The latest news is that the DVD should have a release date of sometime after the end of July. Keep watching for more updates when we get them.

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