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Update – The Big Knights film

It seems the announcement regarding The Big Knights feature film may have been a little premature, in its current form at least.

The statement has been made by AstleyBakerDavies officially but the project is far from in production!

We are reliably informed that the project is not a solid commitment yet and the studio is finishing work on current projects before a period over the next few months where decisions regarding future projects will be made.

Sorry to calm the hype a little but it is still very much on the table, as usual just watch this space…


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Announcing The Big Knights – Feature Film! “The Big Picture”

Ladies and Gentlemen, announcing:

The Big Knights Feature Film – “The Big Picture” – is on its way. Of all our characters, Boris, Morris, Horace and Doris are clamoring the most to be allowed onto the big screen. So we’ve decided that it should happen. Scriptwriting is underway, technical tests have started. We’re going back to Borovia.

Watch this space for more news soon!

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Competition winners

The winners of the signed copies of The Big Knights DVD & Blu-Ray, picked at random, are as follows:

Congratulations to:

  • Daniel Thomas
  • Richard Clark
  • L Haxell
  • D Badham
  • Mark Perman

Thanks to everyone who entered and please keep visiting the site for more exclusives in the future.

If your name is listed here and you have not received your confirmation email, get in touch ASAP!

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Competition now closed

That’s it folks, the competition to win a signed copy of The Big Knights DVD & Blu-Ray is now closed.

If you entered, keep your eyes on your inbox and this site for the results soon.

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The Big Knights DVD & Blu-Ray OUT NOW!

This is it, RELEASE DAY!

Hopefully you’ve received your copy(ies) and you’re smiling as hard as we are!

If you haven’t ordered yet – ORDER NOW!

We’ve come a long way and now the day has arrived for you to get hold of a copy of every Big Knights episode made (so far) and not only in DVD quality but in HD Blu-Ray too!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has got behind this campaign and proved that there is a big fan-base who were just waiting to snap up a re-release.

Huge thanks to AstleyBakerDavies for making this excellent program and getting all the episodes remastered and  released.

And now for stage 2, please don’t stop visiting this site, we’re already lining up the next stage of The Big Knights plan and we have a few more interesting things that we will be releasing over the coming months.

If you haven’t entered the competition yet, head over and do it now.

Thanks everyone, please continue to spread the word and keep your eye on the site for more news soon…

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