Announcing The Big Knights – Feature Film! “The Big Picture”

Ladies and Gentlemen, announcing: The Big Knights Feature Film – “The Big Picture” – is on its way. Of all our characters, Boris, Morris, Horace and Doris are clamoring the most to be allowed onto the big screen. So we’ve decided that it should happen. Scriptwriting is underway, technical tests have started. We’re going back […]

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The Big Knights DVD & Blu-Ray OUT NOW!

This is it, RELEASE DAY! Hopefully you’ve received your copy(ies) and you’re smiling as hard as we are! If you haven’t ordered yet – ORDER NOW! We’ve come a long way and now the day has arrived for you to get hold of a copy of every Big Knights episode made (so far) and not […]

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Official Press Release – The Big Knights DVD & Blu-Ray

Here is the official press release from those wonderful folk at e1 entertainment who are partly responsible for this release actually happening. You even get a mention! Run For Your Lives! THE BIG KNIGHTS Make their DVD debut, 25th October 2010 From the creators of the hugely popular Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly‚Äôs Little […]

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The Big Knights Blu-Ray is FREE with the DVD

Just in case there is any confusion, if you’re after The Big Knights Blu-Ray disc, it is FREE with the DVD. Some people have been asking where the Blu-Ray is on the amazon link, the answer is, it comes free with the DVD! Order the DVD copy and you get all the episodes on Blu-Ray […]

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Good news, the forum is now back in action, it was taken down due to spam bot abuse but after implementing some new anti-spam measures it’s ready for use again. Hopefully more of you may decide to drop by and give your “two cents” on anything that takes your fancy! Thanks to Steve for his […]

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Pre-order The Big Knights DVD NOW!

You can now pre-order The Big Knights DVD and BLU-RAY right here! The Big Knights combined DVD and Blu-Ray is available for pre-order now, the good news is you get the DVD and Blu-Ray in one package! The release date is currently scheduled for 25th October 2010 but is subject to change. It’d really help […]

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