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This site was set up to provide an online resource for fans of The Big Knights. It was setup around 2005 (best guess) and in 2006 relocated to the current domain name.

The Big Knights was shown on BBC in the UK originally and in terms of its quality and humour is well beyond what would be expected of a small UK animation house. Despite all the feedback we get here at from all over the world stating how much loved this animation is and how people would love the opportunity to see new episodes only one series was ever made, this is even more surprising when you consider the success the same company has had with Peppa Pig.

Six episodes of this first series have been available on VHS in the past but you’ll be lucky to get your hands on a new copy now.

However, here comes the good news…

Around 2007 we launched ‘The Quest’ which involved an online petition requesting more episodes of The Big Knights or at the very least the re-releasing of the existing ones. ‘The Quest’ also included letters and emails written to Astley, Baker, Davies and the BBC encouraging whoever owned the copyright on the existing episodes to enable the re-release of the old episodes.

This was the original manifesto:

There were only ever 13 episodes of The Big Knights made and only 6 were ever released on video by the BBC.

‘The Quest’ is about persuading the copyright holders, at the very least, to release the episodes of The Big Knights which were never available to buy. But ideally to persuade them to commission more episodes from Astley, Baker and Davies.

To do that, we need to prove there is a demand for the show, this means we need all the support YOU can obtain! Please get behind this quest if you have any interest in The Big Knights at all!

There was mixed success during the last few years, response from an email to the BBC went along the lines of; they were pleased to see the show had so much support and our comments had been logged on a monthly feedback log or something!

Astley, Baker, Daives responded with more encouraging news, saying that they were looking to re-master and re-release The Big Knights but were currently in discussions with the BBC regarding the copyright.

After no news for a year and a half I wrote two more letters to ABD and the BBC, the ABD letter was returned to me by the post office and the BBC never responded.

The good news…

So, just as I was gathering my thoughts on the next course of action, there came an email from a Big Knights fan asking if I’d seen the news on the official ABD homepage.

February 2009: Work has started on the re-mastering of “The Big Knights” in HD 1080p High Definition Widescreen format. This will involve a complete re-rendering of the original CelAction files.

On that note, we set about re-releasing too and here we are now! The number one Big Knights ‘fansite’ on the whole ‘interweb’!

FYI, at the time of this announcement the petition was sat at well over 800 signatures! Thanks for your support.

Update June 2009: Link added from official Astley, Baker, Davies website

Thanks for your support and if you’ve got anything to say or ask, please, use the contact page.

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