Welcome to TheBigKnights.net

Welcome to the brand new TheBigKnights.net site.

We’ve re-launched because of the recent news regarding the re-mastering and re-release of The Big Knights!

February 2009: Work has started on the re-mastering of “The Big Knights” in HD 1080p High Definition Widescreen format. This will involve a complete re-rendering of the original CelAction files. – from astleybakerdavies.com

On that note, we set about re-releasing TheBigKnights.net too and here we are now! The number one Big Knights ‘fansite’ on the whole ‘interweb’!

Interactive site features:

  • Commenting on news posts (and certain pages)
  • Forum

We are hoping to introduce a mailing-list in the future but for now, keep watching this website and the forum.

Hopefully we’re positioning ourselves as the best Big Knights resource out there and also providing the community of Big Knights fans around the world, who currently are unable to interact with each other, with a place to talk.

Read more about this site here.

Thanks for your support and if you’ve got anything to say or ask, please, use the contact page.

P.S. If anyone from Astley, Baker, Davies is reading this, it really would be great to hear from you. We’re huge fans of your work (obviously) and the last few emails we’ve sent have gone without reply. Thanks.

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