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Good news, the forum is now back in action, it was taken down due to spam bot abuse but after implementing some new anti-spam measures it’s ready for use again. Hopefully more of you may decide to drop by and give your “two cents” on anything that takes your fancy!

Thanks to Steve for his help with getting the forum back up. πŸ™‚

Things seem more quiet than we expected after suchΒ  a big announcement, I mean, some of us have been waiting 10 years for this good news!

Just in case you missed the news last week, i’ve put it in capitals in the title again! The Big Knights DVD and Blu-Ray is NOW AVAILABLE to pre-order!

Click here to pre-order The Big Knights DVD & Blu-Ray

[UPDATE:] Some people have been asking where the Blu-Ray is on the amazon link, the answer is, it comes free with the DVD! Order the DVD copy and you get all the episodes on Blu-Ray on a free disc with it. Happy days!

Thanks to those of you trying to spread the word, if anyone can spare 5 minutes to share the good news with their friends, any forums they are part of, their facebook profile, twitter, whatever! Please post this link or tell them about this site and share the good news!

Click here to pre-order The Big Knights DVD & Blu-Ray

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Pre-order The Big Knights DVD NOW!

You can now pre-order The Big Knights DVD and BLU-RAY right here!

The Big Knights combined DVD and Blu-Ray is available for pre-order now, the good news is you get the DVD and Blu-Ray in one package!

The release date is currently scheduled for 25th October 2010 but is subject to change.

It’d really help this site if you were to order using the links on this page. This site does cost money to run, there are no complaints from us as we love doing it but it would be great if you’d be willing to use our links to order, after all, it costs you NOTHING! πŸ™‚

Thanks in advance if you use our links.


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The Big Knights Mailing List

The Mailing List is up and running, head over here to sign up.

RSS is still going to be your best way of staying updated as there will not be emails sent out with every update to the site but we might send out the odd overview of recent happenings once in a while.

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The Big Knights DVD really is happening!

So, I realise there is a certain amount of concern that The Big Knights DVD may never materialise and that all this is a dream, etc!

Well, take yourself a seat, relax and rest assured that it is coming!

I’m excited to report that right here, will be the FIRST place you can find out the official DVD release date!!

We have been given the honourable task of breaking the news to you all. Unfortunately, not quite yet …. sorry! I’m going to try to avoid saying it will be ‘soon’ but that really is the best word for it! πŸ˜‰

There will also be an EXCLUSIVE COMPETITION, for which the details and prizes are being worked out.

In other news, there are no plans for an official Big Knights website so we will remain the place to be for The Big Knights online (unofficial official?). With that in mind, we’re going to give the website a complete overhaul and redesign, hopefully bringing you some new Big Knights content while we’re at it.

Before the comments come flooding in (they’re always welcome by the way) there’s no set deadline for the overhaul so let’s just call it ‘over the summer’ for now.

Some people have been asking for a mailinglist or twitter feed, one or the other is on its way. (May I take this opportunity to point out that lovely large shiny RSS link in the top right though… go on subscribe, you might like it! πŸ˜‰ judging by the amount the hits rocket on post days lots of you already do)

Thanks for your support of the site and please tell anyone you know who might be interested about us.

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Downtime apologies

Just in case anyone noticed, we had a small missing database for a little while, I’m not quite sure how long it was a problem for but it can’t have been more than 24hrs.

Anyway, sorry for any inconvenience and after a period of biting my nails, I’ll now be backing up the site regularly!!

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Remastering finished, DVD being finalised – Exclusive update exclusive update

Well, when I promise updates as soon as we have news I don’t normally expect that news to arrive within one day of the last post! However, it has…

  • The remastering has finished!
  • The distribution deal has been done and the paperwork signed!
  • The extras for the DVD are now being prepared!

We will have a release date for the DVD and Blu-ray very soon so keep checking back, it’s all getting quite exciting now!

Also, we’re working on an exciting … erm … thing for you all! so stay close by.

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